2018 (24.08-6.10) "6 x CYFRA", digital graphics, ship - museum "Dar Pomorza", Gdynia, collective exhibition
2018 (27.06-18.07) "Extensions", digital graphics and painting, "Tygiel" gallery, Gdynia, individual exhibition
2017 (11.10-15.10) 5th Bio-Art Contest, collective exhibition, Suwon, South Korea, individual award for work “Landscape with neurons 1.2”
2017 (27.06-29.07) 3rd edition of the NanoArt Contest  in tribute to professor Malinski, group exhibition at the Gallery Roi Doré, Paris, France
2016 (20.10–20.11) THE 5 th INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC DIGITAL ARTS – GDYNIA 2016, Gallery of the Gdynia Design Centre, individual award – work „virtual forest 1.0”
2015 (3.10-29.11) 9th Polish Print Triennal, Silesia Museum in Katowice, collective exhibition
2015 (14.04-30.05) Young Painting, University of Gdańsk, collective exhibition
2015 (23.02-11.03) Young Painting in Gdańsk, 2014 diploma, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, collective exhibition
2015 (9.01-15.02) 2nd International Art Competition -Modern Landscape, post-event exhibiton
2001 Final exhibition of the plein art painting in Zakole, collective exhibition
1998 St. Jacek Art Gallery in Gdańsk, collective exhibition
1992 Punkt Art Gallery in Gdańsk, drawings, individual exhibition
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